IA 362 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Status Quo, Degrowth, The Shock Doctrine

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22 Jun 2016
Four different areas of focus in the text:
Treatment of ideological “scaffolding” of environmental politics- Klein’s criticisms + point that
conservatives know the scale of transformation necessary in a stronger way than
environmentalists-- it would fundamentally change the economy
disaster capitalism: ways to make money off of climate change
international trade and relationship to greenhouse gas emissions: things travelling over long
distances protect patents and the increase in volume of trade is related to global carbon
Connection between nature conservatories and nuclear energy production- are people going
after any funding they can get? Big oil vs big green
Fossil Fuel emissions + known reserves: quantity of existing fuel in the ground would bring us
up farther than the 2 degrees that is “ok” for climate change? relationship between companies
like Beyond Petroelum and their behavior to keep stock up, “continuing exploration”
Fetish of centrism “less uncomfortable measures” to keep climate change down or is it another
way for certain companies to make money? “Green consumerism”
Klein: No economic incentive to look into cleaner outlets when fossil fuel companies are making
large profits off the status quo (19, bottom)
Time is of the essence, not a problem to solve later
Assumptions: Capitalism and environmentalism are directly opposed
Could you argue that socialism or another economic model would lead to environmentalism?
Regulated capitalism? Status quo?
Argument: Institutionalized status quo and priorities are what is causing this, not
capitalism exclusively
Change the way society thinks in order to change the environment
Selective de-growth: 85
Rationing of use of things that are long-haul transport: 85
Capitalism was the engine to bring industrialization + spread it- economic system powered the
revolution. Industrialized capitalism fueled by cheap fossil fuels and externalization of costs has
allowed capitalism and climate change to spread across the earth
“Need to fix ourselves” : out of control growing population, growth of companies
Rise of geotechnology to solve climate problems
86: logic of indiscriminate economic growth (hard to cease or slow development)
All interconnected in industry
174: products being made and consumed in different places “personal and entire climate”
25: “less to do with mechanics of solar power than politics of human power” …
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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