MATH 161 Lecture 1: Intro to limits

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15 Jul 2016
Calculus I
Chapter 2 Section 2 - Intro to Limits and Properties Review
Remember: A limit is not at a number but it is very, very close to that number
Therefore, a 
  
Let us start out simple concerning limits, every aspect of math has its starting point.
You may be startled when you see the limit symbol in front of the f(x) function, but don’t worry, think
of it has just an f(x) you are evaluating.
For Example, in these two equations I going to show you example of the simple limits below:
Ex.1: 
    
(Note: It’s not rocket science. There are simply asking for you to plug in the number, 2 into the function
to find out the limit as x goes to 2. Also note that the limit symbol goes way when you reach the step of
First step and last step: Evaluate.
       
That’s it! Pretty simple right?! Ok on to the next example…
Ex.2: 
    
(Note: The same goes for this problem as well. You will need to plug in the number, -3, as x goes to -3 in
order to find the limit.)
Step 1: Evaluate.
          
- As you can see above, in this function when we have a negative sign and we are subtracting. The
negative sign cancels out and causes us to change our sign to a positive sign.
See not too bad right?! Now that you got the hang of the simple ones let us move on to some more limits
problems that require more work. Don’t worry! It all about the concepts. If you understand the concept
of the math game, then it stays pretty simple.
Like this for example:
   
 
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