PHIL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Fetus

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Marry Anne Warren
Right to privacy
Limited right to an abortion
oState has a compelling interest
Safety of medical procedure and rites of women
Interest of the fetus as a kind of resource
What if they did have a right to life
oBlackwell says this be the case abortion wrong
oAssumes fetus are unborn children
In case of self-defense abortion morally permissible
Right to life is general and negative
Gets right about to have something be done to you
Providing stuff to live is not right therefore fetishes do not have the
right to life
When does a women give the specific right
Thompson cannot reasonably expect people from abstaining form sex
oThompsons position is invalid except for her case of rape
oDeny the personhood of fetus (they are like fish)
What if you knowingly enter the society of music lovers therefore we have a
responsibility to care for the violinist
oDefinition of Human
Genetic makeup is not enough
Cut the tip off finger does clump of cells have are itch to life
Potentiality argument
Potential of x is not an x
You have potential of being alumni we don’t have those rights all the
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find more resources at
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