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Telescopes1RefractionaThis is the bending of lightiA lowdensity medium next to glass higher density medium has a normal perpendicular to the surface When the light goes straight in through the normal light goes in straight through the glass If the light comes in from an angle it slows down and changes direction bendsiiIf you have a bent or curved lens then the rules still apply but the angles change because of the curved surface The light comes into a focal point The focal length is defined as the distance from the focal point to the lensbWhen you use this for a telescopeiIf you are far away from the object the shell is HUGEiiEssentially all light coming into the telescope is paralleliiiFocal plane is the area around the focal point that is visible2TelescopesaObjective lensiThis sets the scope bending the light to the focal point bPropertiesiAperture sizediameter1Smalldiameter objective lens makes the image dimmer and shows less detail2Largediameter objective lens makes the image brighter and shows more detailiiPower Rule21Pr2The larger your telescope the more photons you collect the more information you have and the more light you will see3If you double something
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