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The Nature of Light1Light leads to answersaThe light coming from our sun stars and other galaxies tells us the chemical makeup the distance and many other thingsbQuestionsiDoes light travel1Galileo asked this question He and some of his companions went on the top of a mountain to take shudder images This didnt work because of human differences2People were looking at Jupiter and everyone was obsessed with the Galilean moons Everyone knew when eclipses would happen When they saw from different distances they got an indication that light must travel3They developed a method to determine the speed of light which is c3108 ms Maxwell a theorist also confirmed this number using a different methodiiSunlight1When you put sunlight through a prism you get the spectrum The original idea was that the glass added color to the white light from the sun Newton found that the colorwavelength that went through a slit was the color that came out of the other side This showed that white light was being broken into pieces2The double slit experiment was performed with two tiny slits that were identical in size A laser light was sent through the page through th
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