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BIOL 3040 Evolution Ch 11 Learning Objectives

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 11 The Origin and Evolution of Early Life111 Origin and Diversification of Life on EarthList the early events in the history of life on EarthDescribe what is meant by the last universal common ancestorDescribe why it is not possible to make direct inferences about organisms that lived prior to the phylogenetic event horizon using phylogenetic methodsList the properties of life and describe why life is difficult to defineWhat are the features of the prebiotic soup hypothesis and what does it predict about the origin of life on EarthDescribe the experiments by Miller and Urey112 The RNA WorldWhat are the features of the RNA world hypothesisDescribe the experimental results that offer evidence supporting the RNA world eg Spiegelman SumperWhat is a ribozyme and why are they considered an important relict from the RNA worldWhy would DNA be favored as the genetic material once it was present113
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