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Lecture 2

Week 2

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3156

Week Two November 12November 16Early stages of the Mammalian developmentCleave at an unusually patternone cleaves meridonally and one cleaves equatorially Early Mammalian DevelopmentMouse embryo all the way to the trophoblast stageBetween the 8 and 16 cell stage uvomorulin begins to get excreted and we get compaction in D Once compaction begins there is the morula stage Ultimately there is going to be fluids excreted in the spaces between the internal blastomeres so that a cavity is produced somewhat like a blastocoel cavity There are two distinct groups of cellsoTrophoblast cellsgo all the way around the exterior contribute only to the placentaoInner cell masslarger cells that are contained wholely within the trophoblast layer contribute to the embryo and the extraembryonic endoderm and mesodermEarly Mammalian DevelopmentRefer to notes from page beforeMammalian EmbryosFirst picturelate blastocysthatching process that is dependent on protease enzymes We think that protease is secreted which weakens the area at the wall of the zona pellucidaLast picturetrophoblast that has ascended from the cell wall It is very clear what is the trophoblast and what is the inner cell mass Some of the trophoblast cells appear to be multiplying It is the side closest to the inner cell mass
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