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Lecture 4

Week 4 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 3156

Week FourNovember 2630What are the guidance patternsNCC selectively labeled with antibody to HNK1HNK1an NCC marker protein make the orange cellsNCCs really do only show up in the anterior portion of the sclerotomeThe do not go into the posterior at allThe QuestionAre fates of NCC predetermined before beginning of migrationsTestTransplant NCC into embryos of different developmental stages Use somite number as marker for where the nccs come fromTransplant to Young vs old embryos oyoungno migrations of trunk nccs have occurredoold one of two ventrolateral migrations have taken placethe one that goes deepest ventral occurs firstThe DataLabeled cells from old donor into young hostolabeled cells in both wavesso no deep ventral migrationoWhy dont they go through second routeoAs the first wave migrates deep ventral they alter pathway so that next wave cant follow So old cells already took care of second pathway and young nccs dont need to according to the cells Probably do this by secreting hyalaronidase etcLabeled cells from young donor to old hostndolabeled cells in 2 wave onlyLe Douarins Chimeras orthotopic heteroplastic transplantsResults show that cells are multipotential and are differentiated at final resting point In all cases as development continues fate of a cell becomes more and more channeled until it finally becomes a differentiated cell
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