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Lecture 1

CFS 4052 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Realclearpolitics, David Berliner, Moodle

Child and Family Studies
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CFS 4052

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Real Clear Politics Assignment #9 for Thursday, November 1, 2018 Kennedy LeBlanc
I read or reviewed every assigned reading in this week’s Moodle block_____________________
Summary of the article:
Valerie Strauss wrote this article titled, “Education professor: My students asked who I would
vote for. Here’s what I told them” about educational psychologist David Berliner and his
explanation that some of his students had asked how he planned to vote in the upcoming midterm
elections. He explained this to Ms. Strauss in written detail. He asked his students and fellow
peers not to vote for people who want to improve schools. He also told them that he was done
voting for politicians who spout foolishness all of the time. He believes that they are wasting
their time, our time, money, and also hurting the country in the process of all of this. He does not
think that reforming schools can be done. He thinks that democracy’s most serious contemporary
problem is the fact that minority status and poverty are so highly correlated. He also says that he
is not against improving schools, but he just has solid research evidence that proves that there are
correct suggestions on how to go about improving schools. He stated that he is going to vote only
for those who understand that the root problems of our schools are not in our schools. He thinks
that it is time to stop worrying about improving and reforming schools, but it is time to ensure
that we have programs that can improve our society.
Critical analysis from a family perspective:
I can make a connection between this article and Principle 6: Support of Vulnerable Families.
This focuses on identifying the public support services for families. This article talks about an
issue that is not just grounded in schools. It is important to recognize the needs of a family as a
whole, but also look at a family as individual people within the system.
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