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Lecture 1

HIST 2055 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Manifest Destiny, Haitian Revolution

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HIST 2055

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Use index
Nothing on civil war battles
Study up to election of 1860s
YouTube- American westward expansion
Tie things into historical significance
Only need 2-3 events for each question
Essay Q
1. Anglo French war administrator?
French rev-how did affect us
Think back to the enlightenment
Federalist vs anti (who is on what side) how do they differ how do some
What rebellions were happening?
Haitian revolution what happen
Election of 1808
2. Abolition what happen
Francis how did he see slaves, how did he see care takers
3. Westward expansion
Louis and Clarke
Tech advancements
Slave vs free states
Slave trade
Mexican war what happen to the territory
Compromise of 1850
Popular sovereignty how do they vote
4. How was Andrew Jackson seen as?
Manifest destiny
What did he bring about, how did this change?
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