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Kinesiology: Professional Courses/Basic Activity Courses
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KIN 2503

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Nadja James
Kin 2503
Class Notes
Evaporation & heat loss
Sweats glands-water to skin
Sweating does not cause heat loss
Evaporation-allows us to cool
Evaporation must occur to dissipate heat
If air is filled with water, body loses ability to cool
65%- impaired
Monitoring Heat Index
Digital Heat Index Monitor
-Easy, efficient
-Does not accurately measure humidity
- (Kopischke, JAT 2005)
Sling Psychomotor
-Combo of dry and wet bulb
- Commonly used, fairly accurate
Measure of External Heat
Wet bulb Globe Temperature Index (WBGT)
-WGBT-different thermometer readings
Dry bulb (standard mercury air temperature)
Wet bulb (measures humidity or evaporation ability)
Black bulb (black casing that measures radiant heat)
WGBT vs. Heat Index
Must have WGBT device
Utilize chart based on WGBT index
Produces an index number, not temperature rating
Temperature and % humidity
Utilize a heat index chart
Produces an actual or feels like” temperature rating
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