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Lecture 1

MC 2000 Lecture 1: mc2000_questionsraisedrollingstone_0115

Mass Communication
Course Code
MC 2000

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MC2000 1/15/16
Rolling Stone Article: A Rape on Campus
Questions Raised
Half-identification of other main figure in the
article. Rationale?
Is he ultimately identified because of other reporting
in the story?
No explanation for the use of partial names
Accuser requests that Rolling Stone not check her
story with the accused man
Accuser requests that Rolling Stone not contact any of
the men who participated in the attack
Checks made with the fraternity, but it said it had
questions about the evidence in the article
o Did it have a party on the night Jackie
o Is there an upstairs room?
o Was a glass table broken?
Did a boy named Drew work as a lifeguard?
Was he a member of the Phi Psi fraternity?
Why doesn’t the reporter contact the two alleged
rapists Jackie describes?
o The lifeguard and the “beer bottle guy”
Pitch black room but all of this detail? Broke glass
table, shards of glass, no one turn on light for
A man hits the woman in the face with a fist and no
one reacts? Plausible?
No one notices Jackie leave the fraternity after she
wakes up?
Friends counsel Jackie not to report it sketchy,
real friends don’t do that after you think you’ve just
been raped
Did anyone check with these friends?
Overall, this story isn’t a full picture of the whole truth
of what happened.
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