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Lecture 10

MGT 3211 Lecture 10: Week 10

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MGT 3211

MGT 3211 Class & Reading Notes Week 10 (3/14 – 3/16) Tuesday, 3/14, Exam #2 Tuesday, 3/14, ABB Chapter 7, pp. 394-411 • Technological advances raise questions for business ethics and privacy • Chinese government with censorship & Merck with advocating for Gardasil vaccination • Illegally downloading music and books • Intellectual property one of the most ethically contentious issues o Copyrights/patents incentive for drug development vs. moral right to afford access to lifesaving drugs Information and the Worldwide Web • Way business work with information has been transformed (collecting & analyzing, scale & type) • Two main topics: 1. Privacy 2. Intellectual Property Rights • Deborah Johnson & Privacy Internet Ethics: o Attempt to improve decision making, exercise of autonomy o Personal privacy should trump preferences of employers and corporations o Privacy seldom protected on the web • Opting out vs. Opting in Pharmaceutical Patents and Lifesaving Drugs • Drug development profitable for investors • Marketing principles and practices unethical • Anti-retroviral drugs for HIV positive people living in Sub-Sahara Africa, pharmaceutical companies sued African governments for threatening patents, dropped after criticism • DeGeorge & Ethical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Drugs: o Pharm. Response to criticism invokes legal and economic arguments • Not persuasive enough, fail to adequately account for ethical and moral concerns regarding health care and obligation to help those in need • Patricia Werhane Michael Gorman: o Medical advances made when collaborative group o Legal rights to the development, however so many have moral obligation to some claim of development • Overlapping content and research o Should incentivize working alongside others Privacy and Internet Ethics -- Deborah G. Johnson • Scenario 1: GMAIL scans email contents, generates ads from data (possibly competitors) • Scenario 2: Lidl German grocery store spying on employees to prevent theft but violate personal privacy • Scenario 3: online shopping habits tracked, projected needs not correct MGT 3211 Class & Reading Notes Week 10 (3/14 – 3/16) Introduction: Information Flow with and Without IT Why Care about Privacy? • Information flows quickly and easily to many places • Before IT flow of information was "constrained" • Scale of personal information has increased exponentially • Electronic records no limit to create, store, maintain, manipulate, search and share data • IT was shaped in the response to the interests of government and corporations • Kinds of information has increased o Transaction generated information (TGI) • IT now has predictive power • Information can be bought or stolen • No way to ensure quality or accuracy of the information o Errors can spread • IT configured societies: o More personal info collected o New kinds of info created o Personal info distributed widely o Info endures or long periods of time o Effects of errors are magnified Why Care About Privacy? • Data collected from any sources can be merged to create comprehensive profile of individuals "No Need to Worry" • If you aren't doing anything wrong don't worry o Privacy only protects people who have something to hide o Police and government should be required to ensure the accuracy of their information o Possible negative consequences for exercising legal rights • Privacy is overrated o Just bc give personal in
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