MGT 4620 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Netflix, Counterproductive Work Behavior, Job Performance

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8 Feb 2017

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MGT 4620 Introduction to Organizational Behavior Chapter1
What is OB?
Organization: coordinated social unit of two or more people working to
achieve a common goal; individuals working together for some common goal
OB not the behavior of organizations but about behavior of people in
Field dedicated to:
o Explaining/understand individual and group behavior/phenomena
o Understanding how these factors affect organizational success
o More interested in conceptual side of things (linked to HR)
Why Does It Matter?
Because organizations are different everywhere
Because research and practice have demonstrated it consistently
More simply: organizations are made up of people
o If you want organization to be successful, the people must be
successful to make it work
An organization that understands and cares for its employees is more likely
to succeed
What organizations show value of understanding OB?
o Google, Netflix, Twitter, Chick-fila
o Pay better, treat employees well, and offer good perks
Where Does OB Come From?
o Not talking about mental health
o After WWs universities noticed behavioral side of work (personality
and intelligence affecting organizations)
o Individual and group level
o Personality, attitudes, motivation, leadership, individual and group
o IO psychology
Why is OB so Fuzzy?
Not many absolutes
o People are different and behavior varies
o All things play a role in how people behave
Purpose is to understand people
There are few, if any, absolutes in the social sciences
Couple things to hang hats on:
o Behavior is a function of the person and the environment
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find more resources at
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