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Summer 2014 Class Notes (entire course)

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1SagacityaThe vision for the futurebSee a trend before the trend developscBeing able to reactdAnd being the first thereiSEC was on the internet 3 years in advance of all other conferencesiiAllstate net ideaiiiDr Karams rotating billboard idea2Personal BrandingaPBPPVxT12bPBPerformancePersonalityVisibility x TrustthcImages are created in 124 of a secondd70 of accurate judgments are made in 10 seconds thin slice of negotiationseThe camera never blinksfWhen trust is lost the brand is toogWhen you dont understand trust you understand nothinghLikeability emotional impact you have on someone to where they like you enough to support you and your brand3Desired v Perceived ImageaTop 5 Harvard Business School articlesbDefault look impacts likeability avoid resting bitch face or looking disinterestediDr Karam discovered his default look when a football player name came to the conclusion that he was one mean dude simply because he passed him on the stairs and thought he looked meancHow do you drive public opinion by the public information you createdIn negotiations whoever has the best information winseCredibilityiSincerityTrustworthinessiiKnowledgability researchtrack recordiiiConnection can you identify with your audience speak their languageivIf you dont have credibility find someone who does4Celebrity EndorsementsaSomeone who is known for their wellknownness notorious for being notoriousbPut something in the hands of a celebrity and good things happencDrives salesdChanges the perception of a productiDrew Brees and the threewheeled motorcycle1No longer a motorcycle for pansies2Brees advertises that he will own one when he retireseWhat elements enhance endorsements
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