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15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
Energy and the Environment
o Difficulty that exists: balancing increasing need for energy & development
& growth AND the stress that industrialization & growth puts on
o 2 policy areas meet in several places but particularly in climate change
o Goal of energy policy
Energy independence
Reduce or control energy consumption
o High consumption of energy (particularly fossil fuels)
High levels of pollution
Periodic shortages
High prices that push industries in other cheaper but more
destructive directions
Possibility of large environmental disasters when regulations are
ignored or not in place
o At times regulation can be ineffective if it caused more energy production
than would have happened w/o them or if technology does not exist to
address the situation
o Issue becomes balancing economic needs w/ environmental needs
o Increased demands from developing economics, as well as increased
tension in oil-producing areas cause additional problems
Energy sources
o Oil
37% of energy consumed in U.S. (about 50% imported)
Produces problems that become highly political concerning open
fragile or reserved areas to drilling
High reliance on foreign oil makes domestic policy more
dependent on foreign relations & considerations AND moves
toward the negative in balance of trade
Reserves that exist can only support current consumption for a
limited time
Generally more likely to cause environmental disasters than other
energy sources
o Natural gas
~25% of energy consumption
Almost all natural gas comes from domestic sources
Although useful in fabrication, not as easy for heating & cooking
Limited amount of resource exist as well
Transportation is not as stable as oil
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