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15 Mar 2019
POLI 2070
Healthcare Policy
o Paradox: in a nation that has the best medical care in the world & is at the
forefront of medical research, 1 in 5 people do not have regular access to
medical care
o 2009: 44% of all healthcare spending in U.S. by fed. agencies in some way
o Although the U.S. state is less involved than other states, it remains very
involved in the administration of healthcare
o Most cabinet level depts.. have some involvement in healthcare system
o All levels of gov’t have some degree of involvement
o Move from conservative toward block grants give more control to the state
& medical programs are generally expensive
o Generally, there are many differences btwn. individual states & the level
of possible involvement of the fed. gov’t
Problems in healthcare
o U.S. is a rich country that spends much of its revenue on healthcare, but
on common health care markers are evident
o High quality healthcare is avail. but:
Infant mortality rate is 48th in world
Problem is particularly concentrated in minority population
Disparity in infant mortality rate btwn. races has increased since
o Disparities are evident also across geographic region
o Middle class citizens are being slowly pushed out of the system b/c cost is
increasing & b/c employee healthcare is being offered
o Access to medical care
Most healthcare is paid for privately by those who cannot afford it
(50 million Americans do not have health insurance)
Medicine is generally not avail. to poorer individuals
About 1/3 of individuals below poverty line still did not qualify for
Medicaid benefits (primarily the working poor)
24% of poor have private health insurance; 10% have nonhospital
Medicare for the elderly does not always cover the whole cost of
Upper limits can be problematic for even the middle class privately
covered individual
Even those making $25k+ have a substantial percentage mot
covered & these individuals are employed most have members
employed full time
Covered individuals as a percentage of the population is decreasing
& those covered are being required to pay more of the premium
than they were before
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