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Lecture 44

ANP 330 Lecture 44: ANP 330

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ANP 330

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ANP 330 Lecture 44
Amygdala function?
fight or flight response
Hippocampus response?
learning, new long-term memories
Purpose of medulla oblongata?
- physical and chemical connection between the brain and the spinal cord
- reflex centres coordinate autonomic function (cardiovascular, respiratory, and
- sensory and motor neurons for 5 cranial nerves
Purpose of the pons?
- sensory and motor nuclei for four cranial nerves
- nuclei that help control respiration
- nuclei and tracts linking the cerebellum with the brain stem, cerebrum and spinal
- ascending, descending and transverse tracts
- subconscious somatic and visceral motor centres
Purpose of the misencephalon?
- process visual and auditory info
- generation of reflexive somatic motor responses to these stimuli
- works with cerebrum and cerebellum to control subconscious motor movement
- maintains consciousness
What are the landmarks of the adult brain?
1) Frontal
2) Parietal
3) Occipital
4) Temporal
What is the function of the frontal lobe?
primary motor cortex, voluntary control of skeletal muscles
What is the function of the parietal lobe?
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