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Religion and Ritual • Defining Religion:Any set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices pertaining to supernatural power • E.B. Tylor's Typology: Cultural Evolutionist ◦ Animism:Belief in spirits can inhabit natural habits ◦ Polytheism: belief in gods ◦ Monotheism: belief in one god • Typologies:A Classifying system according to type ◦ Benefits: Shows comparison ◦ Drawbacks: Over generalization, loosing details • Supernatural: cultural variation ◦ Beings: gods, spirits, ghosts, ancestors ◦ Forces: Mana: powerful luck ; Taboo: dangerous power • Functions of Religion: ◦ Explains what we cant understand (death) ◦ Serves emotional needs (tell us where were going, or why were here) ◦ Creates social unity (morality, shared beliefs ◦ Reinforces social order • Magic ◦ All types of religions ◦ use of supernatural for goal ◦ associated with uncertainty ◦ EX's: Fishing, Baseball • Gmelch: Baseball Magic! ◦ Pitching.batting ◦ Not fielding ◦ Personal rituals ◦ Sense of control • Major World Religions ◦ Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam Judaism, Sikhism ◦ & their Local expressions ◦ Mis with local traditions in variet
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