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ANP 201

Consuming The West • Burning Man: ◦ Black Rock City ◦ Gift Economy ◦ Potlatch ◦ 10 Days Long ◦ Burning Art ◦ “Consumer Vacation” ◦ No Money is spent • Anti-Consumerism ◦ Week long art festival held in the Navada Salt Flats ◦ No Vending allowed ◦ Covering corporate logos • No Spectators ◦ Elimination of passive entertainment ◦ Stigma of the couch-potato consumer • China and the West ◦ The association of consumerism with being modern ◦ Desire to be viewed with respect by the industrialized nations of the world (G8) ◦ Idealization of the US ◦ Does this mean that China must become Westernized to become modern? ◦ China's massive consumption of foreign products ◦ Imported cloths, cigarettes, wedding dresses and cars ◦ Who is consuming and for what purpose? • Anthropology and McDonalds? ◦ TheAnthropology of corporation ◦ Icon for international business and pop culture ◦ Recognized nearly anywhere on the entire planet ◦ 96% of American children can accurately identify a picture of Ronald McDonald • McDonalds stands forAmerica • Corporate Imperialism ◦ The domination of popular culture rather than outright military or political control • China's Consumer Revolution ◦ Happened very fast ◦ the “Three Bigs” ◦ 1920's-1970's: Wrist watch, sewing machine bicycle ◦ 1980's: Color TV, refrigerator, washing machine ◦ 1990's: private phones, VCR, air conditioning ◦ 1994: Single family apartment, private car, mobile phone • McDonalds and Women ◦ Place to be seen often staying for hours ◦ Absence of Alcohol provides a degree of gender equality ◦ Lone women are not suspect for prostitution ◦ Placing you
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