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Prokaryotes & Viruses Slide Answers

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Biological Science
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Overview of LectureProkaryotesviruses Read Text ch 1927 Bullet Points begin tiptoe through the taxa the three domainsprokaryotes eubacteriaarchaea cells prokaryotes vs eukaryotessurvey of bacteriacell walls peptidoglycan gram gramantibiotics and antibiotic resistanceflagellaquorum sensing social behaviordiseaseviruses surface receptors herpesphagesWould you like mustard and phages on thatInfluenza antigenic drift and shift 3 Domains httpwwwucmpberkeleyeduarchaeaarchaeahtmlThe scientific community was shocked in the late 1970s by the discovery of an entirely new group of organisms the Archaeasmall subunit rRNA Note this is anunrooted crown of a tree of life Carl Woese proposedthat life be divided intothree domainsEukaryota Eubacteria andArchaebacteria Carl R Woese httpwwwlifeuiuceduMicrowoesehtml Using ribosomal RNA sequenceas an evolutionary measuremy laboratory has reconstructed the phylogenyof the bacteria and the archeaand provided a phylogenetically validsystem of classification for prokaryotes
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