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Cultivation COM 275 2/26/2013 11:39:00 AM The Cultural Indicators Project Initiated in 1967 by George Gerbner “Cultivation” effect:  Over time, heavy television viewers develop world views similar to what is seen on television  “Mean world” syndrome  Focuses specifically on television entertainment and how it is different than any other media Three Components of the Cultural Indicators Project  Institutional process analysis o Examines the production, management, and distribution of media messages (the industry/business)  Message system analysis o Content analysis o Investigates images in media content o Describe message and images displayed  Cultivation analysis o Compares social perceptions of heavy and light viewers o Heavy viewers watch more television and based world view off of what is shown o Light viewers watch less television and based world view off somewhat of television and more real world interaction Conceptual Roots of the Cultivation Hypothesis  TV is the greatest source of information and entertainment  Mainstreaming: o Heavy television viewers absorb dominant set of attitudes and beliefs shows on TV o Diverse groups develop similar perceptions  Resonance o Real-world events support the distorted image of reality shown on television and reinforce cultivation effect Cultivation Hypothesis Assumptions:  Messages are relatively uniform  Viewing of television is non-selective  Television viewing is habitual Theoretical Bases for Cultivation  Television is the primary source of shared meaning and messages o Gradual long-term shifts in socialization  Cognitive paradigm o Viewers learn from TV then construct beliefs of real world from that  Availability heuristic o Increased availability accounts for TV’s impact on real world beliefs o Schemas and reoccurring images are more readily stored and available (in TV)  Mental models approach o Dynamic r
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