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Firearms: • Caliber is always an approximation • Shotguns can fire pellets or “shot” or single projectiles called “slugs” • Interior of a shotgun barrel is smooth so that nothing deflects or slows down the pellets as they traverse its length • Diameter of a shotgun is call gauge and is the number of lead balls with the same diameter • Ammunition is typically a self contained cartridge that is composed of one or more projectiles, propellant and a primer • Two major types of ammunition: Cartridges for handguns and rifles and shells for a shotgun • Bullets can be lead, fully jacketed, and semi-jacketed • Lead bullets are lead hardened with minute amounts or other metals and formed into the desired shape • Afully jacketed cartridge has a lead core and is encased in a harder material like steel • Asemi-jacketed cartridge has a metal jacket that covers only a portion of the bullet with the nose often exposed • Propellant is the fuel that propels the projectile down and out of the barrel • Primer is what ignites the propellant; Contains: • Small metal cup containing a percussion sensitive material that creates enough heat to ignite the propellant when struck • You can individualize a bullet to a particular weapon because friction transfers lands and grooves and striations to bullet's exterior • Collection: Locate, photograph, and measure the location of all bullets, bullet holes and spent cartridges; used to generate three dimensional data about the shooting • No two firearms produce the same unique marks on fired bullets and cartridge cases • Firearm evidence can link a person or persons to multiple crimes • Two automated search systems were developed in the 1990's DRUGF
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