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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes The New Nation Looking to the West 3/11/13 The Jefferson Administration, Continued  Thomas Jefferson went against the Democratic Republican ideas to make the Louisiana Purchase of the Louisiana Territory which gained the US land but led to his replacement as president.  Lewis and Clark/Corps of Discovery: o Lewis and Clarke moved along with the Corps of Discovery  Mandan:  Last marked stop on the map  Mandan were Native American people with a large population  Welcomed the Corps of Discovery to spend the winter  Very interested in York since they had never seen a black man  Sacagawea:  Shawshonee woman married to a French trapper  Clarke helped deliver her son  Took her along with them since she was from the west and would be a great help to the Corps of Discovery  Clark offered to educate and protect her children should anything happen to her o Lewis and Clark return home with the Corps of Discovery in St. Louis after successfully reaching the Pacific Ocean but without discovering the Northwest Passage  York: Remained a slave but begged for freedom for 5 years before Clark granted it and he opened a freight business in Tennessee and then died of Cholera  Sacagawea: Stayed in St. Louis and lived with her husband until her death in 1812 when Clark took over caring for her kids as promised  Clark: Married a Virginia woman an worked as an Indian liaison for the government  Lewis: Takes governorship of Louisiana Territory but committed suicide under pressure of the job  Corps of Discovery: Melted back into society as heroes o Manifest Destiny: US recognized a goal to settle all the way to the Pacific Ocean o Jefferson had hoped for curiosity, expansion, science, and discovery which the Lewis and Clark expedition fostered  International Diplomacy Issues: o Caused Jefferson’s downfall o Cuts on the military budget took a toll on national defense o Napolean took over all of Europe and wanted Jefferson to choose sides  Jefferson liked France and they had the most powerful army  US had trade ties with Britain and they had the most powerful navy  Chose to declare and maintain neutrality o The Chesapeake Affair (1807):  Britain seized American ships on their way to Spanish and French ports  Confrontation between American ship (Chesapeake) and British ship (Leopold) where Britain won  Angered Americans who wanted a war on Britain but Jefferson looked for a diplomatic solution since the US did not have the military power  Jefferson ordered British ships out and required they get permission from him to come in and trade leading to a depression and dissatisfied Americans The Madison Administration  James Madison: Replacement for Thomas Jefferson chosen by the Democratic Republican party in 1808 who won the presidency  The European Conflict:
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