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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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HST 202

HST 202 Lecture Notes Regions Grow Apart North and South 3/18/13 Regions:  Names changed due to the shift in US borders o People moved across the Appalachian Mountains o Shifted population to make new states  Old Southwest  Deep South Region: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana o Settled by people supporting slavery o People were looking to establish their own cotton plantation and make money  Old Northwest  Midwest: Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois  Factors affecting how society develops: o Structural/government o Economic o Geographic North:  Abolished slavery by 1810 through abolition or a gradual emancipation  Northwest was settled as family farms (“Yemen” farmer ideal of Thomas Jefferson)  Cities develop through urbanization in the northeast o New York and Wall Street quadrupled in size and became the number one port city o Industrialization  Improvements in transportation – Ex. Erie Canal o Connected Manhattan to the Great Lakes so some regions could provide raw materials while others produced them o Vision of Clinton, the leader of New York, and paid for by the NY state o Engineering miracle through trial and error o Economic highway which goods and money made available to the frontier and much cheaper o Many laborers were Irish immigrants o Unsafe conditions due to drinking and gunpowder o Proposed in 1808, started in 1817, completed in 1825 o 363 miles long with mules pulling boats and lockes to move over hills  Most immigrants came through the north before moving west  Henry Clay’s American System said the government’s role should be an economic stimulator and improve the environment South:  Plantations with slaves James Monroe:  Elected as president in 1816  Democratic Republican from Virginia  Concerned about borders o John Quincy Adams (Secretary of State) negotiated a treaty with Britain for dual occupation of Oregon Territory and the Great Lakes o Andrew Jackson was asked to chase the Seminole to Florida and
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