Lecture 2 Outline Answers - History of Early Civilizations

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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

HNF406Spring2014Lecture 2 History of Food and eatingEarly civilizationsPreHistoryWhat separates us humans from animals1 Ability to think2 Use of fire3 Eating vs FeedingHumans Learn to Find Foods HunterGatherersHuman DevelopmentHow diddo anthropologists determine our diets TEETH chewing surface enamel thickness wearLow cusped fruit eating frugivorous and or leaf eating folivorousHigh cuspedproteinivorous BONES and skulls human and animalHNF406Spring2014Simple social organizationComingling generalSpecialization of activity and function limitedEgalitarian Frequent nomadic movementNo exogenous energy human energyHunterGatherersFrequency of movement and distance traveled varies based on food availabilityPopulation density and degree of isolation varies by food availability geographyMore time for leisure when food in abundancePopulation control HunterGatherersShoshone IndiansThe KwakiutlKung BushmenTools for Food Acquisition HunterGatherer Subsistence ToolsAnimal bones fashioned into hooks to catch fish Wood and sticks for digging
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