Asian and African Food Influences Lecture Outline Answers

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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

thAsian and African FoodInfluences 9 course in textAsiaAssociated IslandsJapan China Thailand Korea Taiwan Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos Burma Malaysia Philippines Spanish and Chinese influenceForeign influences conquerors and tradersintermingling of culture and foodFoods and EatingVaries by countryeg Myanmar Burma Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Cambodia Laos and Southern Vietnam eat with fingers or forksNorthern Vietnam and most of other countries except ThailandchopsticksRice is universalgrows very well in this regionoLong grain fluffy rice Vietnam and MalaysiaoSticky Rice Thailand and most others jasmine rice in Thailand toooMain courses and desserts eg coconut rice and fresh mango gruel for breakfast noodles vinegar wine edible rice paperoRice in at least 2 meals a dayoVersatile and suitability as agric cropOther Key FoodsWheat round and flat breads or baguettes colonial influences noodlesMeat is determined by religious beliefs Islam Buddhism Hinduism large influences seafood more popular closer to coastal area unless prohibited Extensive use of soy mung beansPeanut oil for cooking and creative use of spices also fish
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