Lecture Outline 7 Answers - Immigrants

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Michigan State University
Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

Introduction to Guest SpeakersImmigrantsObjectivesDevelop appreciation for diversity of food patterns in US ethnic groupsGain awareness of specific foods and special dishes including those which may be deemed inedible by someDetermine some of historical influencesDetermine cultural settings in which certain ethnic foods are eateneg holidays religious feast days illnessMardi Graspreparation for Lent Good Fridayjust fish no animal products cold fishReminder Food is PolysemicMeans differentthings to different peopleMeanings derived from rules how to prepare cook serve as well as values beliefs of specific culturesWhat is cultureCulturevalues beliefs attitudes and practices accepted by members of a group or communitylearned not inheritedisolation by geography or other factorsreinforcement of cultural behavior patternsDifferent pots and pans for Jewish faithChanges over timeMerged the two types of food between two cultures with marriage Dr W cant handle as spicy foods anymore because taste has changed over time Coming to college change habitsCultural Sensitivity and FoodLanguageBody Languagehow present food how dress while presenting foodFoods of the cultureReligionValues regarding timecoming on time late etcFamily dynamicsFrom Food Around the WordA Cultural Perspective McWilliams M Phd Heller H MA 2003Cultural Applications of Food in USImmigrantspropensity towards variety and trying new cuisinesYet drive towards conservation and consistency of food traditionsAdaptation of ethnic foodsFrom Melting pot to tossed saladOmnivores ParadoxNatural attraction to have new experiences and foods but also preference for the familiarAcculturationProcess by which an ethnic group moves into another new majority and begins to adopt the new societys cultural values andhabitsBiculturationnew culture seen as complement to original culture of originAssimilationpeople from one cultural group shed their ethnic identity and fully merge into the majority cultureNot usual for first generation
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