JRN 430 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Originalism

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27 Jan 2015
JRN 430
Lecture 2
Never stage videos or photos
Plagiarism never acceptable
Don’t believe rumors or gossip
- Witnessing crimes and disasters: if related or close to person in this satiation is a
--conflict of interest
- Conflict of interest:
- Freebies: accepting gifts
- Junkets: accepting trips
-Participating in the news: don’t put your opinion or interest on display. Like wearing a
Obama shirt to an Obama event
What are your rights?
Can shoot on public property
Frameworks of news media ethics
How do we make decisions?
- Personal philosophies- internal methods
- Decision making frameworks
- Organizational codes of ethics
- Professional
- Buddha
- Confucius
- Jesus
Decision making frameworks: H Eugene Goodwin guiding questions:
- What do we usually do in cases like this?
- Is there a better alternative
- Can I look myself in the mirror tomorrow
- Can I justify my decision to family/ friends
- What principles or values apply
- Does this decision fit the kind of journalism I believe in and the way people
should treat one another
Decision making frame works
The smac box
- Search for the truth
- Minimize harm
- Apply principles
- Consult colleagues
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