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Lecture 11

PLS100 lecture 11

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Political Science
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PLS 100

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Ch. 10 Public Opinion Public Opinion *Public opinion: ”Opinions held by private persons which governments find it prudent to heed” *Important for affect on political behavior *Citizens can compel government leaders to pay attention *Political leaders and policy advocates shape and mobilize public opinion Measuring Public Opinion *Scientific polling *Random sampling *Sample size *Margin of error *Measurement error Attitudes *Attitudes: feelings about people, groups, issues or events *Individuals differ: -Elaborate, “internally consistent” attitudes -Loosely structured, inconsistent attitudes Ideology *Ideology: elaborately organized sets of attitudes *General set of abstract principles *Liberal vs. conservative *Core values: certain stable ideas about what makes a good or bad society Partisanship *Attachment to party shapes opinions and attitudes *Informational cue *Personal identity *Affects beliefs as well as opinions Acquiring Opinions *Derived from experience *Passed along by families, school, friends, etc. through socialization *Most influential during childhood and young adulthood *The American Voter: partisan attachments are extremely powerful and stable over a persons lifetime. Most learn theirs early in life and attachments they develop is usually the same as their parents’. *New experiences can alter attitudes Information *People become richly informed only when the payoff is greater than the cost *Political ignorance *”Issue publics” *Information and polling -People still willing to offer opinions -Question wording Framing and Priming *Ambivalence: people pulled in opposite directions by conflicted attitudes *”Top of the mind” sampling- use the first considerations that come to mind first *Framing: present
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