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CL_HUM 3350
John Lester

Friday 1/25 I. Polis (poleis)- city, center of culture of the region II. Eponym - how a place gets its name III. autochthony - in some fashion come form the land themseves, name means auto - self/very, thon - earth. A. full warriors that grow from the ground 1. Kadmos in Thebes 2. Kadmos sows the dragon tooth and warriors come up from the ground to fight for him. Kadmos wishes to rule over Thebes, and does so with the help of the greeks. All are killed by the warriors, and 5 are left the ancestors of Thebes B. Kekrops founder of Athens, half man and snake, comes from the ground IV. Dichotomy - haves or have nots, leave grey area A. space between forests and polis, boundary lands and farms just outside the polis V. liminal - limen, threshold. borderline space that is potentially dangerous, may need to take precautions Monday 1/28 I. techne - information, skills. athena is skillful, functional relation to the city A. order II. metis - intellect (athena) III. pantheon - collection of all gods IV. Pantheon - temple in rome dedicated to all of the gods V. Parthenon - temple of Athena VI. parthenos - virgin Wednesday 1/30 I. Athens A. Parthenon 1. Pediments a) West (1) Athena v. Poseidon b) East (1) Birth of Athena 2. Metopes (W, E, and S, all have same theme triumph over disorder by order (Polis vs. wilderness)) a) West (1) Amazonomachy b) North (1) Trojan War c) East (1) Gigantomachy d) South (1) Centauromachy 3. Frieze a) Panathenaic procession 4. Statue (Athena Parthenos, dedicated 438 BCE) a) right hand: Nike b) Shield: Amazonomachy, Gigantomachy, snake c) Sandals: Centauromachy d) Base: Pandora e) Aegis: Medusa B. Birth of Erichthonios 1. the earth is handing erichthonios to Athena a) Kekrops is there b) Zeus, Nike, and unnamed woman (daughter of kekrops) at the scene c) Herse and Hepheistos d) other daughters of Kekrops, PAndrosos and Aglauros e) Erectheus, Aigeus, Pallas 2/4 Monday I. Dionysus and Greek Theater A. Dionysus: The god of the vine and the god of the theater B. The god of margins 1. The god of illusion and change, paradox and ambiguity, release and transgression (goldhill 1990, 128) 2. Anthesteria a) festival of fertility, open the cask of new wine b) when they wanted to begin celebrating dionysus as a theater god they had to make a new festival 3. The City Dionysia a) Dionysus comes to town (1) dithyramb (processional hymn) was a ritual that lead to the beginning of tragedy in Greece (2) Thespis (who is Thespis), Aristotle gives us information about the theater. (3) tragedy - tragos - ode, the song of a goat. the performance of the song for the sacrifice for the god (4) mystic cult - you lose yourself in this cult, enthusiasmos, you become a part of the thiasos, this was good for greek theater because they were already able to be taken over by a character (5) violating boundaries: the masks for performers (a) Transvestism: the actors b) after the 3 tragedies, there was a satyr play, satyrs were dionysus’ followers (1) more of a comedy, lighten the mood after 3 tragedies (2) the satyrs make up the chorus c) they have a big procession carrying a statue of dionysus into the theater, to watch the performances and bless the festival d) Eleutherae a town on the border of Attica and Bosai where dionysus drove two girls mad for making fun of him in a goat outfit. to be cured they must worship dionysus e) Chorus as a thiasos 4. Rural Dionysia 5. Lenaia C. Everything to do with Dionysus? 1. From rituals to drama D. Nothing to do with Dionysus? E. Something to do with Dionysus? F. Dionysian Myth and Greek Drama 1. Lycourgos, Dionysus and murders in the family a) was driven made by Dionysus for trying to attack him, and ends up killing his wife because he was driven mad 2. Theme of: family household with inner family death, but rejuvenation and cult bringing together in the end G. Nothing to do with Dionysus? Everything to do with the polis 1. “The Great Dionysia was first and foremost a festival controlled, financed and organized by the democratic polis” (Goldhill) 2. Why is polis invested in such a festival 3. organization of the City Dionysia a) choregos (assigned by Archon) pays for the chorus, it was an honor to pay for the chorus b) polis pays for actors H. Everything to do with the polis: Civic Ceremonies at the City Dionysia 1. libations from the generals 2. benefactors 3. orphans a) polis raised them because they are orphans of other soldiers, now they will protect the polis because it took care of them 4. tribute a) declaration of wealth and power by the city of Athens I. Dramatic Performances and the polis: The Theater J. What does Dionysus have to with the polis? 1. Drama was a good framework for thinking: tragedy and comedy both provided the Athenians with a ritual structure and a language they could use to safely explore contemporary social and political issues. The civic rites of theater enabled the Athenians to criticize themselves and their government, and voice the same time, Athenians 2/6 Wednesday I. mixing of wine and water under the reign of Amphiktyon that we get the introduction Dionysos, Orthos cult of upright Dionysos, mixing of wine and water A. it is a mark of being civilized to dilute your wine. 1. Odysseus uses un-diluted wine to get the Cyclops drunk until he passes out so he can burn his eye out. 2. Pegasos (not the flying horse) arrives from Eleutherai and introduces Dionysos, and brings a cult statue of Dionysos a) the men don’t want to worship Dionysos, and are given a disease of the genitals until they worship Dionysos, they must also construct phalloi (dicks) and parade them around in a procession b) couldn’t get the erection to go down (1) Satyriasis, priapism states of constant erection B. apotropaic, turn away evil II. Anthesteria A. 3 day long festival B. connected to Dionysos, and possibly not connected to him C. Etiological explanation of Dionysos arriving in Attica 1. Ikarios welcomes Dionysos, and he has a daughter name Erigone and a dog Maira a) Dionysos as a gift teaches Ikarios how to make wine, and Ikarios brings some friends over to drink, and they get plastered and think they have been poisoned, so they kill go and kill Ikarios, the daughter can’t find her father, and maira leads her to him out of depression she kills herself and the dog lays there where they died until he passes away b) Aiora, all the girls swing on wooden planks reenacting the swinging of the hanging of Erigone c) more of a moral lesson, wine is not just a toy, it must be ingested responsibly 2. Pithoigia - “Jar Opening” (1) drink the new casks of wine on the first day of the festival and they drink the wine mixed, properly 3. the second day is called Choes - pitchers a) drinking competition b) all drinking separately at separate tables c) all doing this in silence d) slaves join also 4. third day of the festival is called Chutroi - cooking pots a) people put out pots of beans and vegetables for the dead (1) nothing really to do with Dionysos now (2) but if the Aiora did happen it happened on this day III. The Bacchae A. hypotheses - summaries of an ancient work 1. we can reconstruct on some level and some of the plots that we have lost. B. Lycurgus was a Thracian monarch, his story he did not begin following dionysos, but is made to believe and worship
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