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University of Missouri - Columbia
HIST 1200
William Lewis

05-06-13 [big concept: Stagflation – high unemployment and high inflation (I think)] [strong Christian supporters; • Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980 and culminated the conservative ascendancy by playing to antigovernment sentiment • Reagan initiated a paradigm shift in American public sentiment that fundamentally changed our relationship with government and moved the nation Center Right. Conservatism and Constitutional Crisis 1. Emergence of a Grassroots Movement: Although LBJ’s landslide victory was over Goldwater in 1964 appeared to signify the triumph of liberalism, the results actually concealed a growing grassroots conservation movement. 2. Nixon and Conservatives: Nixon was able to appease conservatives by aligning himself with those who feared the changing roles of minorities in society. 3. Election of 1972: Nixon defeated Dem. Nominee George S. McGovern in a landslide because Republicans were able to paint McGovern as a leftist extremist at his positions on busing, welfare, and Vietnam were too radical for moderates. 4. Watergate: On June 17, 1972, 5 men working for Nixon’s reelection campaign were arrested breaking into Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex to repair a bugging device that they had previously planted. During the investigation, Americans learned that Nixon and his associates had engaged in a host of abuses. To avoid impeachment, Nixon announced his resignation to a national television audience on August 8, 1974. “I am not a Crook” – President Nixon The Ford Presidency 1. Full Pardon: V.P. Gerald Ford succeeded Nixon. He shocked many Americans when he granted Nixon a full pardon which allowed him to avoid indictment and prosecution. Pardon was extremely unpopular. 2. Legislative Accomplishments: None to speak of. Didn’t do much, good or bad! 3. Election of 1976: Ford carried a number of burdens into the 1976 presidential race including weak economy, the Nixon pardon and a serious threat mounted by Reagan. Dems nominated Jimmy Carter who stressed his faith as a “born-again Christian” and his distance from the government in Washington. Carter narrowly defeated Ford. The Carter Presidency 1. A Liberal?: Carter vowed to pursue lib
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