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HIST 1520

3/13 Wednesday I. “Military Revolution” of the dourth century (Nagle, p. 117, col. 1) A. Nagle is one of the first to use the term “Military Revolution” II. Persia + Hellas under Greco-Macedonian rule. A. Key institutions and values 1. polis, poleis 2. koine (dialektos), common dialect of Attica (include Athens) 3. oikoumene (ge) < oikos, household a) domesticated world B. Case study: Battle of Leuctra (371 BC) 1. Epaminondas - created a strategy and passed it onto the thebans before the battle a) 2 adjustments (1) made an unbalanced formation (winged) III. Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great A. Innovations: 1. new specialists a) cavalry b) light infantry (peltasts) c) serisa bearers (12-18ft pikes) 2. new tactics 3. go after leaders IV. Hellenistic period A. large area of the persian empire 3/18 Monday I. conclude “Hellnism’s critics” See handout on the MAccabees & Hanukkah A. See Bailkey-Lim, p. 303, I Maccabees on the “Romans” (mid- 2nd century BCE) II. Pre-Roman “Italy” Geography & ethnic groups 3/20 Wednesday I. “Founding of the Roman people (gens), founding of the Urbs Roma, the “City” II. Chronology: A. 753 BCE > 509 BCE 1
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