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PSYCH 2410
van Marle

Methodology Experimental Designs – allow you to determine cause and effect • Can’t always randomly assign people Correlational Designs – Is there a relationship between 2 variables (amount of bullying and depression) • If there is a strong relationship… knowing one variable helps predict the other • You cannot infer cause and effect Correlation does not imply Causation! 1. Direction of Causation Problem 2. Third Variable Problem Developmental Process Zygote – embryo – fetus 1. Cell Division: begins 12 hours after fertilization and continues throughout fetal development 2. Cell Migration: cells move from point of origin to elsewhere in the embryo (from deep brain to the cortex) 3. Cell Differentiation: Cells specialize, fulfilling needs of separate structures and functions 4. Cell Death (apoptosis): selective death of certain cells when no longer needed a. Hormones are important influence, particularly in sexual differentiation Early Development 1. Blastocyst, implantation, embryo, neural tube 2. After implantation, differentiation begins 3. During gastrulation, inner cell mass differentiates into 3 layers 4. Gastrulation: Single-layer embryo folds itself into 3 layer
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