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Lecture 11

SW 320 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Crisis Management, Motivational Interviewing, Suicidal Ideation

Social Work
Course Code
SW 320
Dr.Lisa Baron

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Social Work 320 Notes: April 10, 2017
Video Interview Assignment Vocabulary:
Partializing: Breaking down a problem or series of problems into manageable parts.
Advanced Reflecting: “I know you may feel a little nervous about coming here the first time.
We’re going to do our best to make you feel comfortable.”
Identifying Discrepancies: Involves pointing out an incongruity between the client’s present
behavior and something he/she values. “I’m noticing that you’re talking about difficult
information, but you’re laughing. I’m confused about that, can you explain it.” Or “You tell me
that you want to stay with your boyfriend, but I notice you have bruises. I’m confused by that,
can you explain it?”
Rolling with Resistance: A motivational interviewing strategy based on the assumption that
clients have valid insights and ideas about their situations. Not pushing a client too hard
Supporting Self-Efficacy: allowing the client to make his or her own decisions
Stating Agreement About Problems or Challenges
Student Role Plays:
Client doesn’t want to leave husband has lived with him for 10 years.
oTelling her what emotion she’s feeling
oAsking leading questions
oOffering advice
Client is having issues at home with boyfriend-he is aggressive
oPutting blame on client (“What did you do to make him aggressive?”)
Client just found out she got diagnosed with breast cancer
oOffering advice (“You’re going to get the chemo, right?”)
oAsking leading questions (“You’re going to get the chemo, right?”)
oReassuring (“You’re gonna be fine.”)
Client wants better grades, but didn’t want to give up social work
oIdentifying Discrepancies
oSupporting Self-Efficacy
oRolling with Resistance
Client wants to move out of parent’s house
16 year old client-hard situation at home, pregnant and parents don’t know
Client who is unhappy with services social worker is providing
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