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Lecture 21

ENGL 40761 Lecture 21: American Culture as Collage Notes 4_13

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ENGL 40761
Fredman Stephen

American Culture as Collage Notes 4/13/17 Snite Museum Visit Printer’s Box (Marisol Escobar) • Example of Pop Art assemblage • Escobar was from Venezuela but lived in New York o Robert Creeley did a book with her: Presences; it had photos of her sculptures with his text o Her work was initially more renowned than Warhol’s o She made all of the little figures herself ▪ Concept of objects in boxes as an assemblage • Great entrance to assemblage world • Digs into South American roots • Riff on Mesoamerican art Video Ergo Sum (Joseph Cornell) • Cornell made very mysterious boxes o Put objects into boxes with strange relationships o His art is like shadow boxes of interior life o Many can be found in Chicago Art Institute • Video Ergo Sum=I see therefore I am o Riff on I think therefore I am Profil (Arp) • Oil painting • Arp also made art with colored wood; abstract, but felt living Pottery that was turned into art (Peter Voulkos) • Very important, same time as Semina, friends with that group Print with the illusion of being collage (Braque) • Braque discovered Cubism and collage alongside (literally) Picasso • Beginnings of collage; didn’t sell a lot initially, people didn’t understand it • Creation of overlapping planes relates to collage materials • What was he trying to capture? o Hands/fingers o Cigarettes o Job ▪ This was actually a manufacturer of cigarette paper ▪ The “o” was really a diamond, but people thought it was an “o” • You can see the diamond shape in this work • French for “dupe,” which relates to the entire work as an illusion o Illusion of pin • How can we represent what is real? Alter Meister (Kurt Schwitters) • One of his original collages o So rare and precious although not made of precious materials • What makes this distinguishable? o Illusion of woman crouching o Patches of black ▪ Creates receding effect, feel like you are being drawn into a void, very dynamic, alludes to quality of creating shadow o Some torn edges, some cut edges ▪ Creates different emotional effect o 13 ▪ associated with bad luck—does alter Meister (Old Master) feel like he is going into bad luck? o ks ▪ maybe naming himself as the alter Meister o middle ground between the black and white paper ▪ literary aspect, we have to read it • junk? o He knits things together in a composed, but active work; characteristic of his style Photograph created through a process of collage (Herbert Bayer) • Herbert Bayer o Bauhaus movement ▪ Integrating all art; furniture, textiles, etc. Was shut down a
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