ENGL 40761 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Marisol Escobar, Herbert Bayer, Kurt Schwitters

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7 May 2017
American Culture as Collage Notes 4/13/17
Snite Museum Visit
Printer’s Box (Marisol Escobar)
Example of Pop Art assemblage
Escobar was from Venezuela but lived in New York
o Robert Creeley did a book with her: Presences; it had photos of her sculptures
with his text
o Her work was initially more renowned than Warhol’s
o She made all of the little figures herself
Concept of objects in boxes as an assemblage
Great entrance to assemblage world
Digs into South American roots
Riff on Mesoamerican art
Video Ergo Sum (Joseph Cornell)
Cornell made very mysterious boxes
o Put objects into boxes with strange relationships
o His art is like shadow boxes of interior life
o Many can be found in Chicago Art Institute
Video Ergo Sum=I see therefore I am
o Riff on I think therefore I am
Profil (Arp)
Oil painting
Arp also made art with colored wood; abstract, but felt living
Pottery that was turned into art (Peter Voulkos)
Very important, same time as Semina, friends with that group
Print with the illusion of being collage (Braque)
Braque discovered Cubism and collage alongside (literally) Picasso
Beginnings of collage; didn’t sell a lot initially, people didn’t understand it
Creation of overlapping planes relates to collage materials
What was he trying to capture?
o Hands/fingers
o Cigarettes
o Job
This was actually a manufacturer of cigarette paper
The “o” was really a diamond, but people thought it was an “o”
You can see the diamond shape in this work
French for “dupe,” which relates to the entire work as an illusion
o Illusion of pin
How can we represent what is real?
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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