MU - Music MU 125 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Masquerade Party, Sonata Form, Cerebral Cortex

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25 Feb 2017

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Study Guide/Outline of Material for Exam II on Tues. Feb. 27; MU125/Rhyneer
Exam II is IN CLASS and tests your reading and listening assignments chapters 10-21 (Baroque/Classical
Eras) It is a multiple choice, 50 question, on-line exam as before; It will take 20-40 minutes. The outline
below is taken from daily reviews & listening assignments
I. Listening Examples to know for exam (no titles provided and not played in order)
1) page 97 “The Voice of Him”
Subgenre/genre/musical era
2) Page 104: “Hallelujah Chorus” from Messiah
Subgenre/genre/composer/ title/textures present
3) Page 119 “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel
Composer/bass line technique
4) Page 128: “Spring” from “Four Seasons”
Genre/full title/composer/musical era
5) Page 130 “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor I’ll play the fugue (2ndsection) on exam
Genre/composer/musical era
6) Page 146 “Symphony No. 40”
Genre/composer/form/section of form (what theme? 1 or 2?)
You need to be familiar with the music
7) Page 152 “trumpet concerto”
8) Page 158 “Don Giovanni”
Genre/composer/title and basic storyline
9) Page 175 “Symphony No. 5”
Genre, composer, name of form, unifying musical element of symphony
II. Composers-main points and study questions
George Frederic Handel: Baroque composer who wrote what famous oratorio?
Answer: Messiah “Hallelujah”
Antonio Vivaldi: A Baroque composer, he wrote a lot of what genre?
Answer: Concertos
J.S. Bach: Gr. Baroque composer: he was a master at what instrument & what technique?
Answer: organist / expert fugue writer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Classical composer: How did he revolutionize opera?
Answer: Mozart made the themes about human interactions / “comical”
Franz Joseph Haydn: Classical composer: of what genre(s) is he call the “father”?
Answer: “father of the string quartet” and “father of symphony”
Ludwig van Beethoven: What is a main trait of both his music and personality?
Answer: drama / emotion / intensity (revolutionary)
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find more resources at
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