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Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014- Meiji Restoration.docx

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Northeastern University
Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Wednesday, February 26th - Meiji Restoration Samurais who threw the Shogun said they were doing it in the name of the Emperor Really just wanted power for themselves "Meiji Restoration/Revolution" 1868: Europe was projecting it's military rights abroad Young Samurai would go on a reform, changing the face of Japan (didn't want to fall to the power of the Europeans Eliminated the old Tokugawa political order Reformed the political system Abolished the Social Order - wanted everyone under the emperor to be the same level of citizenship Economic Modernization: Western style legal codes Banking systems Public education Toured the world - explore/learn from the west Military Modernization: Built a Navy Built Conscripts - Draft System (Not just Samurai but also peasants) New Military Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) --> Defeated a European Nation - Asian hegemon - Showed the Japanese power Social Discontent Tokugawa Japan: Vitality & Stagnation: Tokugawa Japan Prosperity Stagnation: more severe during the early 19th Century Peasant Protests: Main Reason: Famines & Starvation Great Famines: Tenmei Famine & Tenpo Famine Tokugawa Social Order: Young Samurai were growing upset at the fat
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