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International Affairs
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INTL 1101
Ioannis Livanis

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INTL1101 // Globalization & International Affairs
Unit 7: Nationalism, Religion, and Globalization
What Defines Ethnicity?:
- High ethnic solidarity; willing to redistribute resource within the group
- No “master list”; what differentiates groups in one place may not
important in another
- Ethnicity as a “social construction” – not inherently political
- Ethnicities don’t have goals ! apolitical
- Hutus vs. Tutsis; perceived differences, some in all ways; British
made/created the distinction between the two
- Former Yugoslavia; same language, culture, different religions
Ethnic Identity:
- Any specific attributes and social institutions that make one group of
people culturally different from others
- Language, religion, geography, customs, history, and other markers
- Ascription – an identity assigned at birth
- Largely fixed during our lives, doesn’t have a goal
National Identity:
- Inherently political; has a goal
- Defined as a sense of belonging to a nation and a belief in its political
- Often but not always, develops from existing ethnic identity
- Sense enhancers: common history, territory, culture, economy, rights,
- Why it forms
- Ethnic groups may feel oppressed
- Ethnic group may form a minority population
- These conditions may call for self-government
- Sovereignty and borders are key in terms of national identity
National Identity to Nationalism:
- Nationalism as a pride in one’s people and belief in sovereign destiny
- Seek to create or preserve one’s own nation (political group)
- Sovereignty is thus key
- Citizenship gives rise to patriotism
- Defined as pride in one’s state
- Seek to defend and promote it
- Symbols of state wrapped up in patriotism
- Problematic when pride turns into thinking that others are lesser because
you view yourself as better
- Nation-states have problems with globalization, attack one or the other or
attack both the nation and the state (ie. insulting Americans vs. America)
- Individual’s or group’s relationship to the state
- Swear allegiance to the state
- Rational, legal way to identify yourself
- State provides benefits
- People have obligations in return
- Ethnicity is fixed but citizenship is not
- Can be changed by individual or state
- Potentially more inclusive concept than ethnicity or national identity
- Citizenship, ethnic and national identity are often connected; an ethnic
group forms the nation, they represent the citizens of a country

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INTL1101GlobalizationInternational Affairs Unit 7 Nationalism Religion and Globalization NotesWhat Defines EthnicityHigh ethnic solidarity willing to redistribute resource within the groupNo master list what differentiates groups in one place may not important in anotherEthnicity as a social constructionnot inherently politicalEthnicities dont have goalsapoliticalHutus vs Tutsis perceived differences some in all ways British madecreated the distinction between the twoFormer Yugoslavia same language culture different religionsEthnic IdentityAny specific attributes and social institutions that make one group of people culturally different from othersLanguage religion geography customs history and other markersAscriptionan identity assigned at birthLargely fixed during our lives doesnt have a goalNational IdentityInherently political has a goalDefined as a sense of belonging to a nation and a belief in its political aspirationsOften but not always develops from existing ethnic identitySense enhancers common history territory culture economy rights etcWhy it formsEthnic groups may feel oppressed
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