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Lecture 19

MUSC 1101 Lecture 19: musical creations analysis

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MUSC 1101

I have never realized the impact of repetition on music before. I now listen to songs with the ambition of searching for repetition to prove the statement false. When I musicalized my own words I was surprised to find that it actually worked, especially since my voice is nothing compared to Dianas voice, which sounds already musicalized. Minimal sounds made music! It was quite fascinating. I cant listen to Dianas original sentence without anticipating behave so strangely along with all of its pitch movements. This happened to my musical creations as well. In my first looped speech of in the culture, I learned that it was long enough to have the effects of the musicalizing, and not too long as to eliminate the effect. In the end of the speech where I heard the original statement again, I heard differences in tone, which I did not before. It brought about a certain familiarity as well. The second looped statement, for aesthetic affect, I chose because of the abundancy of vowels. I predicted that it would sound more musicalized, and It seemed to be that way when I listened to it. In repetition three where, people generate meaning was used, it seemed to be too long, but was still recognizable as being musicalized. I can hear the changes in pitch in my voice in this one which was interesting. I didnt come into any sequences that didnt musicalize at least a little bit, so Im interested in seeing what other people found. It was very challenging to pick a statement deemed positive for being able to be musicalized. I experimented with a couple until I found random ones from my lab, communications notes, and one of our music readings. I also had difficulty with the interface of garage band, as I have never used it before. Although, I now know how to use the basics of it, which can be helpful in the future. The format of the sentencing has to be right for the musicalizing to occur as well. I messed up the formatting at first, and the effect wasnt as profound. Also, the shorter the statement, the less well the musicalizing works; it has to be decently long. I also found that no matter where the looped segment is taken from, it is still able to have the effects of looping. Thus, I have gained knowledge about this phenomenon from not only reading about it, but also by experiencing it first hand by recording myself.
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