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Lecture 13

MUSC 1101 Lecture 13: Music notes 2:23

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MUSC 1101

Groups, call and response o Make activities more enjoyable o Labor, connection Postal worker o Individual o Tedious tasks more enjoyable Automation o Replace repeated action which are usually attached to music Song and context to achieve and affect Impact on mechanization on songs Work songs in America o Plantations of the south o Slave labor Work song features o Call solo, response group harmony Participation>performance Rhythm coordinates action Lyrics cover a wide range of everyday topics; in slaveprison context, vehicle for unspeakable truth Soundscapes o Landscape is a visual idea of what something looks like, association with elements and feelings o mid 20 century, made as a counterpart to visual o more than just sounds involved, theres a sonic dimension that is ignored o day in the life of kauli people o from morning night to real morning transition from night into morning lift up over sounding o kaluli term for the ways sound alternate, interlock and overlap; characteristic of the dense sounds of the rainforest as well as of their music recorded soundscape of a day in the life of kaluli people of bosavi, Papua new Guinea by Steve Feld 1991 o effect of being really there acts of selection Brian Eno o Listening to the world in a musical way o Listening to sounds through recording apparatus creates a different perception o Like mall The effect of this simple technological system was to cluster all the disparate sounds into one aural frame; they became music
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