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Lecture 28

PHIL 1180 Lecture 28: Environment and consumption

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PHIL 1180
Ronald Sandler

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Lecture 29 —
Next reading — Wenz consumption
Younger generation suing the older generations for destroying the environment.
Environmental Rights
Intergenerational justice
what do current generations owe future generations
Killer fog that hit London 60 years ago
air pollution + environmental conditions
people got sick and died from the fog.
arctic warming twice as fast as the rest of the world
positive feedback loops intersections of our social and ecological systems.
the way society interacts with social resources.
new tool to help test clean water
you have the right to clean water — guaranteed right.
this is not the case in the US — some states have this right others don’t.
you have the right to know (information) if your water is really clean.
you have the right to participation — the decisions to the environment that eects you.
gov't has responsibility to protect the right
Flint, Michigan
connected to Detroit municipal water system
Flint went into bankruptcy — dire financial situation
govt is legally authorized to appoint a caretaker for the city
power to renegotiate deals, break contracts etc to better the financial situation.
join a new developing water system
less expensive
but there is a time between when the Detroit system ends and the next one begins
they pump water out of flint river
flint river is highly polluted river
it will corrode pipes
old pipes are lead pipes.
a lot of people started getting sick
they realized that there are very high levels of lead — it meet the expectations tho.
evidence get so high that it draws national media and found out that the levels of lead are
extraordinarily high.
now it costs over tens to hundreds of millions of dollars
right violations
no clean drinkable water
no good information about what was going on in their water
democratic properties were overriden by the caretaker
not obvious who is at fault
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