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Lecture 20

PHYS 1155 Lecture 20: Kelley, 30454, 4-3

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PHYS 1155
Henry J.Smith

CLASS Page No. DATE at the same When a wave. in a ty me, wave interference occurs Pendary Conditions Conditions at the end strnc Fixed end-invert Free end- non-inverted res echan waves can interfere ndomina tave ho poduce. Stand wave efectons t Trteference ntegfenente ytotby ytt Aleoskx-we)-Coslkxthib) Standing hlaves- wave om that appers shtil nary .Nodes pants on the st ing that den Antindes points on the sting tha prove ug an entire tude Normal mode motion in which all par tices of an o scu'la ng system move a s each chatactenshL nomal mde an u stri s known ara harmonic AV Hamonu Free eries: a, Speed of mech waves are determined Solel by the proper of the medium. Freguency T Wawelenath describe dhe result Ex. WS mple have Modi in point Sm Can Rind lave Waves that mere
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