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Lumbar Plexus Nerves for Lower Extremity • 2 Plexuses: 1. Lumbar Plexus (L1 – L4)  Controls muscles of anterior, medial, and lateral thigh  Cutaneous Innervation: lower abdomen; anterior, medial, and lateral thigh; medial leg  Forms inside Psoas Major 2. Sacral Plexus (L4 – S4)  Controls muscles of gluteal region, posterior thigh, and entire leg  Cutaneous Innervation: gluteal region, posterior thigh, leg (minus medial leg)  Forms on surface of Piriformis Subcostal Nerve • Not part of lumbar plexus, just a ventral rami (T12) • Exits T12 intervertebral foramen, runs underneath 12 rib, and emerges just above ASIS • Supplies skin in region over ASIS and innervates muscles of anterior and lateral abdominal wall Lumbar Plexus (L1 – L4) • 7 Nerves: Iliohypogastric, Ilioinguinal, Genitofemoral, Lateral Femoral Cutaneous, Femoral, Obturator, Lumbosacral Trunk o In Indiana Girls Like Fat Old Losers • Forms inside Psoas Major • Emerges from anterior, lateral, or medial sides of Psoas Major Nerves Emerging From Lateral Border of Psoas Major 1. Iliohypogastric Nerve (L1) • Motor: Anterolateral Abdominal Wall Muscles • Sensory: Skin over Hypogastric Region (Lower Abdominal) and over Iliac Crest • Runs in neurovascular plane 2. Ilioinguinal Ligament (L1) • Motor: Anterolateral Abdominal Wall
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