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Sacral Plexus Sacral Plexus • Forms on Anterior Surface of Piriformis • Arises from Ventral Rami of L4 – S4 • Piriformis exits Pelvis through Sciatic Foramen o All nerves except for Superior Gluteal Nerve exit below Piriformis in Greater Sciatic Foramen Sacral Plexus Nerves Nerve Origin Distribution Sciatic L4 – • Articular branches to Hip Joint S3 • Muscular branches to Flexors of Knee in Thigh and all muscles in Leg and Foot Superior Gluteal L4 – Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus muscles S1 Nerve to L5 – Quadratus Femoris and Inferior Gemellus muscles Quadratus S1 Femoris Inferior Gluteal L5 – Gluteus Maximus S2 Nerve to L5 – Obturator Internus and Superior Gemellus Obturator S1 Internus Ventral Rami S1 – Piriformis muscle S2 Posterior S2 – Cutaneous branches to Buttocks and Uppermost Medial and Posterior Surfaces of Thigh Cutaneous S3 Nerve of Thigh Perforating S2 – Cutaneous branches to Medial Part of Buttocks Cutaneous S3 Pudendal S2 – • Structures in Perineum: sensory to Genitalia S4 • Muscular branches to Perineal muscles, External Urethral Sphincter, and External Anal Sphincter Pelvic S2 – Pelvic Viscera via Inferior Hypogastric and Pelvic Plexuses Splanc
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