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PT 5131
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Upper Extremity Skeleton Joints and Bones • Upper Extremity bones: o Clavicle o Scapula o Humerus o Radius o Ulna o Carpal Bones (8) o Metacarpal Bones (5) o Phalanges (14) • Upper Extremity joints: o Acromioclavicular Joint (AC Joint): between Scapula and Clavicle o Glenohumeral Joint: between Humerus and Scapula  “Shoulder Joint” o Humeroulnar Joint: Between Humerus and Ulna  “Elbow Joint” o Proximal Radioulnar Joint: between Radius and Ulna (closer to Elbow) o Distal Radioulnar Joint: between Radius and Ulna (closer to Wrist) o Radiocarpal Joint: between Radius and Scaphoid and Lunate  “Wrist Joint” o Midcarpal Joint: between the Proximal Carpal and the Distal Carpal bones o Carpo-metacarpal Joint (CMC Joint): between Distal Carpal bones and Metacarpal bones o Metacarpo-phalangeal Joint (MCP Joint): between Metacarpal bones and Phalanges o Proximal Interphalangeal Joint (PIP) o Distal Interphalangeal Joint (DIP) Clavicle • S shaped o Anteriorly  Convex medial side  Concave lateral side • Parts: o Acromial Facet: located on lateral side o Sternal Facet: located on medial side o Conoid Tubercle: bump located on inferior surface  Points inferior-posteriorly  Important for AC Joint Ligaments o Oblique (Trapezoid) Line: located on posterior surface  Coming off of conoid tubercle  Important for AC Joint Ligaments • Functions o Only connection of UE to Axial Skeleton o Allows transmission of shock from UE into Axial Skeleton o Allows Scapulothoracic Joint (SC Joint) to have greater ROM  And thus entire UE to have greater ROM Scapula • Lies roughly between 2 and 7 rib • Concave anteriorly surface o Matches thoracic wall • Composed of 3 fossae o Supraspinous Fossa: located on posterior surface, superior to spine of scapula o Infraspinous Fossa: located on posterior surface, inferior to spine of scapula o Subscapular Fossa: located on anterior surface • Parts: o POSTERIOR  Spine  Root/Base of Spine  Superior Angle  Inferior Angle  Medial (Vertebral) Border  Lateral (Axillary) Border o ANTERIOR  Acromion  Coracoid Process o SIDE  Glenoid Fossa: articulation for Humeral Head  Supraglenoid Tubercle  Infraglenoid Tubercle  Acromion  Coracoid Process Proximal End of Humerus • ANTERIOR o Head of Humerus o Anatomical Neck o Surgical Neck o Lesser Tubercle o Intertubicular Groove o Greater Tubercle • SUPERIOR o Head o Lesser Tubercle o Intertubicular Groove o Greater Tubercle • POSTERIOR o Superior Facet: Supraspinatus attachment site o Middle Facet: Infraspinatus attachment site o Inferior Facet: Teres Minor attachment site Anterior Humeroulnar Joint • HUMERUS o Medial Epicondyle o Lateral Epicondyle o Medial Epicondylar Ridge (Crest) o Lateral Epicondylar Ridge (Crest) o Capitulum: round and a little more lateral o Trochlea: spool shaped and a little more medial  Medial lip larger than lateral • Plays role in Cubital Valgus/Varus of arm o Coronoid Fossa • RADIUS o H
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