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Theories of Personality: Chapter 4 Trait Theories and Evolutionary Psychology Allport, Eysenk, Cattell, Costa & McCrae, Buss ALLPORT, EYSENK, CATTELL, COSTA & MCCRAE, BUSS Person as predisposition  Traits: inner predispositions to think and act in characteristic ways  “biological” bricks of personality  trait theorists use traits to predict future behaviors Correlation is the co-relation of two things that vary, NOT ALWAYS CAUSATION  Ex: cold correlates to snow  causation, however, January correlates to snow  just correlation Factor analysis: a mathematical procedure for reducing a large collection of correlations to a small number of core factors (WORDLE.COM) ALLPORT (Humanistic)  Personality to Allport – the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to the environment Values  Financial stability (1)  Honesty  Trust  Helping others (3)  Forgiveness (2) Allport Definitions  Habit – specific, low level behaviors that form the foundation for higher level traits o Cardinal trait – few activities that cannot be traced to its influence (one word that describes a person completely)  Character or behavior cannot escape that cardinal trait o Central trait – characteristics by which a person is known o Secondary traits – describes the person that is less present o Common traits – a trait common to a group (correlational not causational) Stage theory – propium  Bodily-self  birth  Self-identity  around 18 months of life
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