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PSYC 3400
William Sharp

Theories of Personality: Chapter 2 Ancient and Modern Compositional Theories of Personality physiological, slightly behavioral, molecular, make it simpler Ancient Egyptian belief: wandering womb = hysteria/hysterical. Galen: personality controlled by 4 humors. Humor: a bodily fluid believed to produce a particular behavioral trait. 4 Elements Earth Air Fire Water 4 Qualities Cold Dry Hot Wet 4 Humors Black Bile Yellow Bile Blood Phlegm 4 Melancholic: Choleric: Sanguine: Phlegmatic: Temperaments/Personality Depressed Irritable Bold Aloof Styles Pessimistic Restless Robust Apathetic Brooding Explosive Confident Cold Pharmaceutical Theories of Personality  Biochemical Imbalances  Depression is a disease – like diabetes  There are 2 flaws with “depression as a disease” Modern Compositional Theories Shift from composition to function Donald Hebb: Cell Assemblies A group of neurons that develop into a functioning unit through repeated stimulation. Gerald Edelman: Neural Darwinism Each person’s brain evolves according to natural selection. Zuckerman: seek excitement, take risks, avoid boredom. Neurot
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