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Lecture 7

CHEM 1150 Lecture 7: NOTES SET 7

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Nova Southeastern University
CHEM 1150

NOTES SET 7 Actinide series Elements that have incompletely filled 5f subtitles or readily give rise to cations that have incompletely filled 5f subshells Amplitude the vertical distance from the middle of a wave to the peak or trough Atomic orbital the wave function of an electron in an atom Aufabu principle as protons are added one by one to the nucleus to build up the elements, electrons similarly are added to the atomic orbitals Boundary surface diagram diagram of the region containing a substantial amount of the electron density in an orbital Diamagnetic repressed by a magnet; a diamagnetic substance contains only paired electrons Electromagnetic radiation the emission and transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves Electromagnetic wave a wave that has an electric field component and a mutually perpendicular magnetic field component Electron configuration the distribution of electrons among the various orbitals in an atom or molecule Electron density the probability that an electron will be found at a particular region in an atomic orbital Emission spectrum continuous or line specter emitted by substances Excited level continuous or line spectra emitted by substances Frequency the number of waves that pass through a particular point per unit time Ground level (state) the lowest energy state of a system Heisenberg uncertainty principle it is impossible to know simultaneously both the momentum and the position of a particle with certainty Hunds rule the most stable arrangement of electrons in subtle is the one with the greatest number of parallel spins Lanthanide series elements that have incompletely filled 4f subtitles or readily give rise to cations that have incompletely filled 4f subshells Line spectrum
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